How Does the Lotto America Game Work?

If you have won a Lotto America prize, you may claim it at the state lottery where your ticket was purchased. Be careful before handing in your ticket as scammers may attempt to trick people into believing they have won something when in reality they have not. For more information on potential scams please check our Scams page.

Lotto America is a multi-state lottery game offering some breathtaking jackpot prizes. The main prize begins at $2 Million, but keeps growing if no one matches all five numbers plus the Star Ball. Furthermore, players can increase non-jackpot prize values through All-Star Bonus play.

Lotto America can be played by selecting five white ball numbers from 1 through 52 and one bonus number known as the Star Ball from a separate pool containing 10 numbers between one and 10. You have two choices when selecting your numbers – choose them yourself or request an “easy pick”, in which the lottery clerk will automatically choose them for you. For an additional $1 you can add All-Star Bonus which multiplies all prizes except jackpot prizes 2-5 times more often!

Each Lotto America drawing takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening at approximately 9:15 p.m. CT using a computer-assisted draw and digital selection system to randomly generate winning numbers that are then published in the official Lottery results on its website.

Due to the Multi-State Lottery Association’s rapid expansion, Lotto America was replaced with Powerball in April 1992. This version features pick-6-of-54 games but keeps fixed jackpots, though with lower caps; unlike its predecessor, Powerball remains entirely pari-mutuel.

Lotto America is now available in 13 of the states that used to participate in Hot Lotto; New Hampshire is no longer participating, and is unlikely to join again in the near future.

Lotto America features nine prize tiers, as well as the Quick Cash feature which offers up to $750 when matching just two white ball numbers in a drawing. In addition, every time the jackpot rolls over without being claimed it can grow considerably larger – sometimes exceeding $10 Million!

The All-Star Bonus option, with multipliers of 2, 3, 4 or 5x, is a separate lottery draw from Lotto America that announces winning numbers with each draw. By adding this option to your play, all non-jackpot prize amounts (except the jackpot ) could potentially multiply up to five times their normal values. It costs an extra $1 per play to add this option.