Portals and Collaboration

Access your business from anywhere

At NventeQ we have a proven track record in delivering portal and collaboration services to our clients. We are known for our high success rate in utilizing Web portals to help businesses achieve their important goals. Our Microsoft SharePoint solutions enable you to streamline your internal processes and improve data management and intra-company collaboration.

When you partner with us, we take care of the implementation of your portal from start to finish. From the strategy and design of the portal through to the implementation and subsequent support our team is there for you.

Open the portal today and discover a whole new way of working and collaboration. Your business will thank you for it.

Portal and Collaboration Solutions from NventeQ are:

  • Efficient - streamline your internal information and get everyone working from the same source
  • Unifying - with information stored in one place, staff will find intra-company collaboration and communication much easier
  • Productive - save time searching or logging in to different systems - a portal will limit wasted time and increase productivity