Cloud Based Solutions

It’s time to experience the cloud

The cloud. It seems like it's the buzzword on everyone’s lips but do you actually know what it is and - crucially - do you know how it can help your business? NventeQ has the answers. With our technical know-how and business acumen, we can help your company effortlessly transition to the cloud.

Moving your technology to the cloud helps you free up office space and more effectively manage your IT budget. When you’re ‘in the cloud’ all aspects of your IT are delivered to you via the Internet as opposed to being physically stored on your premises. This goes for management and maintenance too. The cloud works on a pay-as-you-go structure meaning you can say goodbye to unpredictable invoices forever.

In a nutshell the cloud hosts your hardware, software, servers and applications. This means you have more space in your office, you save money, you eradicate the cost of storage and cooling, you eliminate frustrating tech management - and you get an IT upgrade to boot.

Cloud Based Solutions from NventeQ are:

  • Scalable - as your business grows, so can your technology
  • Customizable - we make sure your cloud technology aligns with your business for optimum performance
  • Mobile - get round the clock access to your files and applications no matter where you are
  • Budget-friendly - a cost-effective technology solution is a better ROI and pays for itself faster