Microsoft Dynamics CRM Free Trial

Providing insights, maximizing customer satisfaction

To stay competitive today’s business environment, making use of versatile business tools is essential. And while many business think having customers is enough, not developing customer satisfaction and loyalty can turn them away.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM from NventeQ gives your marketing, sales and customer service personnel the tools to improve sales and services by gaining valuable customer insights such as interests and buying habits.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM from NventeQ include:

  • Enhanced automated marketing – accurately target prospective clients with effective marketing campaigns. Track results so you can continuously tweak offers and promos for even greater success
  • Boost sales – an automated sales force gets your sales staff working from the same page. This enables you to simplify sales processes for a faster turnaround, better close rates and increased customer retention
  • Top notch customer service – share account information with every member of your CS team to increase consistency and efficiency when dealing with clients
  • Social media marketing – gauge the effectiveness of your social media campaigns and effortlessly update contact information from sites such as LinkedIn

So what can you do with our free trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

  • Get 25 Professional licenses all free for 30 days
  • Access CRM online through Microsoft Outlook or your web browser
  • Have access to Import wizard to import your existing data
  • Enjoy its full potential when combined with Office 365
  • Get access to helpful videos, active user communities and step-by-step guidance to get you up and running quickly

Stay ahead of the game with Microsoft Dynamics CRM from NventeQ . We offer you a 30-day FREE trial just to prove to you how powerful this tool is. No commitment, no cost - what more can you ask for?

Don’t wait to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, sign up for a 30-day FREE trial here!