Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Specialized ERP solution that moves your business forward

Many organizations want to implement a comprehensive ERP solution to increase efficiency in operations, manufacturing and supply chain management, but often find that these systems take too much time and money to implement, don’t meet business requirements and are difficult to use.

NventeQ is proud to offer Microsoft Dynamics NAV which will equip you with an ERP solution that is tailor-made, easy to use and can be quickly integrated with your business for minimum downtime and a better bottom line.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV from NventeQ gives you the power to:

  • Simplify your organization – integrate and centralize financials, supply chain, manufacturing, sales & marketing, project management, services data and HR for unified reporting
  • Support growth and expansion - take advantage of new markets and international expansion with multicurrency and multicompany support
  • Make better business decisions – with better insight into business performance and project-specific data and tasks
  • Get set up fast – rapidly deploy your customized system with the option to add functionality, applications and online capabilities when you need them

Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives small and mid-sized businesses like yours complete control over your core processes.

Maintain crystal clear visibility with enhanced control compliance, sharpened production schedules and sales management that will keep your customers happy.

CTA: Take your success to the next level with Microsoft Dynamics NAV from NventeQ