Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Take control, gain insight - and watch customer satisfaction and sales grow

It can be tempting to let certain areas of your business ‘just get on with it’. After all, if there are no major issues, why get involved, right? Wrong. If you’re not coordinating your marketing, sales and customer services teams you’re missing golden opportunities to interact with your customers.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) from NventeQ, you’ll be better equipped to offer your customers a more consistent experience. You’ll also gain valuable insight into their interests and buying habits. Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives your marketing, sales and customer service personnel the tools to improve sales and service levels - without even leaving Outlook

Microsoft Dynamics CRM from NventeQ utilizes powerful tools for:

  • Enhanced automated marketing – accurately target prospective clients with effective marketing campaigns. Track results so you can continuously tweak offers and promos for even greater success
  • Boost sales – an automated sales force gets your sales staff working from the same page. This enables you to simplify sales processes for a faster turnaround, better close rates and increased customer retention
  • Top notch customer service – share account information with every member of your CS team to increase consistency and efficiency when dealing with clients
  • Social media marketing – gauge the effectiveness of your social media campaigns and effortlessly update contact information from sites such as LinkedIn

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives your sales, marketing and customer service teams the power to increase revenue and inspire greater customer loyalty - all via Outlook.

Using KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to analyze how effective your sales and marketing are will enable you to generate increased demand, offer better customer service and monitor your company’s progress.

Give your customers something to smile about with Microsoft Dynamics CRM from NventeQ.